While it is true that many businesses do not have any plans to move to an ABW situation, large numbers of companies are planning to do so or have already placed their business in this situation. Many are already using their own ABW operation. So if you are considering a move to Activity Based Working, there are a number of important points you should consider before you start the move.

Involve your employees in the project

One of the best benefits of operating under an ABW system is the improved working lifestyle it provides for your staff members. So that means it is all the more reason why they, your workers, need to be involved in initial discussions, planning and implementation of your new flexible workplace operating system. No matter how highly you think of the ABW situation, it's essential that your fellow workers feel as much a part of the change as does the management. Get everyone involved and from the very beginning.

Make sure you have the technology to support the move

A major shift in the layout and structure of your business premises is likely to provide serious benefits to your operation and productivity. But a better layout of your workplace will lose the value of such benefits unless you have the technology to match. Great flexibility in moving around is useless unless the equipment - hardware and software - supports the new freedom. This is one aspect of pre-planning which you cannot avoid. Do you have the technology at present to support, to lead and to work with the changes you plan once you implement your ABW system?

Make a case for the change before you start

Despite the fact that thousands of businesses have already implemented their ABW system and done so with great success, it's vitally important that you make the case for how the change will work in your situation. Your business is unique. You have your own needs and goals and work pressures and in order to successfully implement ABW, you need to know precisely how it will benefit your operation. It is most definitely not a case of one size fits all. You require a specific design to get the maximum benefit. The principles of ABW are universal but the application is specific to each individual business. Do a business plan as you would for any new start-up. Do not consider buying a design off the rack but rather seek a bespoke system specific to you, your workers and your business

Know your business inside out

If you have been operating the way you are for many years, it's possible, even likely, that you have become set in some of your ways. To ensure that the implementation of ABW in your workplace goes successfully, you need to be sure of your goals and methods of operation. It's almost as if you are going back to the reason why the business was started in the first place. Don't take anything for granted and treat the situation as if you were starting afresh.

Consider all possible options

There are many experts who can assist with the implementation of your ABW setup. Just as every business varies, so too will the options provided by different designers. Take your time in selecting a designer and take your time in selecting the design they suggest. It's very much a horses for courses situation. You need the right design for the right business. By all means look around, talk to others who have adopted their own ABW plan and choose what's right for you.